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There are many more unpublished texts also for the patristic era, e.g., CPG III, 7799-7802 and CPG Supplementum, 7793-7804, so that it is not possible to give a summary of all this literature. Yet the themes dealt with are always the same: to demonstrate to the Jews, through citations from the OT, that Jesus is the Messiah predicted by Scripture and the true Son of God, but without this affirmation’s destroying Jewish monotheism; Fremont Map Tourist Attractions that the whole economy of Christ including his second parousia conforms to the prophecies; that consequently Jewish worship has come to an end, and the church is the true people of God and heir of the messianic promises.

Naturally not all the works cited cover all these points: the homilies in particular develop only a few of the themes. The most complete treatments are found in the dialogues, which were the literary form most cultivated but whose characters are generally of little importance. The dialogue quite often concludes with the conversion of the Jew, who asks for baptism and further insight into Christian truth. The scriptural texts cited are many, and some of them recur frequently: the connections between them sometimes lead us to postulate collections of testimonia or dependence of one work on another. Moreover the innumerable biblical passages, always cited at length, have considerable importance of their own for the history of the text of the LXX or of the NT; the interpretation made of them makes its contribution to the history of exegesis.

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