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Free World map for Of course, just as astronomers contributing to the debate face the problem of being out of their comfort zone and area of specialization when they examine the pertinent Biblical and early Christian texts, so also Biblical scholars ind themselves in alien territory when they move into the astronomical aspects of the task. What is needed, then, is interdisciplinary work and cooperation between the astronomical and theological communities. By training, I am a Biblical scholar. I have therefore been forced to spend the last few years trying to come to grips with relevant ields of astronomy so that I could develop the implications of the Biblical data in the astronomical arena. Equally importantly, respected members of the international astronomical community, professional and amateur, have graciously and indeed sacriicially given of their time and energy to assist me on the celestial end of things. In this book I offer what I am convinced is the solution to the age-old mystery of the Star of Bethlehem. What I propose is rooted in a careful consideration of the relevant Biblical material and is, I believe, able to explain everything said about the Star in a natural and compelling way and in harmony with current astronomical knowledge. Free World map 2016.

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