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Free World flags for Jesus said to everyone: I will remind My children that My compassion does not go by unmoved, for I am Father to them. I will make their heart sing for Me and they will realize that outside My Sanctuary their table is empty. They will understand that outside My Sanctuary they will stifle with sorrow and burdens; outside My Arms they will face Destruction and Death.’9 Tell them that the Prince of Peace, this God surrounded by Cherubim, laid aside His Crown and royal vestments to patrol the world barefoot and wearing sackcloth to manifest His grief. As I have treated you kindly and allotted you a place in My Sacred Heart so will I treat the rest of My children ? and I will complete their journey with them.’ 10 End of Times A Voice from the heights of Glory called out that the Treasures of Heaven were kept for this End of Times. The Voice asked me to write everything down. Free World flags 2016.

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