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Tube stations in green have Virgin Wi-Fi activated, while those in

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Free Wifi Map for uk/morrison for additional resources to help you with your study, including multiple choice questions, weblinks and flashcards. WEB Learning outcomes By the end of this chapter, you should have an understanding of n typical models of adjustment to illness n the negative emotional consequences of physical illness, for both the person with illness and those around them n the evidence that benefits can be derived from being ill or providing care to an ill relative or friend n the diverse nature of coping responses in the face of illness or caregiving n how some forms of caregiving can be detrimental to the recipient n why research should consider the perceptions and responses of the ill person and their informal caregivers when trying to predict psychosocial outcomes The impact of illness on patients and their families Image Alamy/Photofusion ILLNESS, EMOTIONS AND ADJUSTMENT Illness, emotions and adjustment The impact of illness Illness presents individuals with many challenges and issues that change over time, depending upon the illness, the treatment, the individual's cognitive, behavioural and emotional responses, and the social and cultural context in which the illness occurs. Illness is a complex process, illustrated by Morse and Johnson in their generic model of the emotional and coping responses from the onset of symptoms through to living with a chronic illness. Individuals facing illness are considered as having to deal with . U ncertainty this is a period in which the individual tries to understand the meaning and severity of the first symptoms. . Disruption this occurs when it becomes evident to the individual that they have a significant illness. Free Wifi Map 2016.

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