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Free Washington metro map for When the Magi enter Bethlehem just as the child is emerging from Mary’s womb, Jupiter, Saturn, and Regulus are merging immediately above her, causing a brightness like that of the full Moon to shine forth. However, other CGI ilms have sought to portray the Star in more traditional terms. The Universal Studios made-for-TV movie Mary, Mother of Jesus shows it as a very large four-rayed, cross-shaped new star hanging over Bethlehem. This star is brighter than Venus, although not as intensely bright as the full Moon. Moreover, the popular live-action History Channel miniseries The Bible portrays the Star as an incredibly bright star with eight rays. It is clear, then, that in the modern world conceptions of the Star vary greatly. The Ongoing Mystery of the Star The diversity of contemporary portrayals of the Star is simply a relection of the scholarly debate concerning it. Free Washington metro map 2016.

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