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Free vacation for Unfortunately, much of the academic discussion concerning the comet hypothesis relects a failure to come to terms with the history of comets and their interpretation, and with cometary astronomy generally. Therefore in this chapter we must pause briely to become better acquainted with the phenomenon of comets. Armed with this knowledge, we shall in the next chapter be in the position to evaluate the two cometary hypotheses currently on the table, namely that the Bethlehem Star was Halley’s Comet in BC or that it was the BC hui-hsing comet recorded by the Chinese. Also in that chapter we shall develop our own case that the Star was a great comet. First, then, we need to familiarize ourselves with comets. Along with a meteor storm, a total solar eclipse, and the aurora borealis Northern Lights, the appearance of a great comet is one of the chief celestial marvels that a human being can witness in his or her lifetime. A comet may be the largest, longest, and brightest object, not to mention the most unusual one, in the sky. Free vacation 2016.

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