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Free Toronto subway map for The Star is frequently depicted hanging over the manger, in which cases the downward ray is pointing down to Jesus below, with or without the shepherds and/or Magi in attendance. Of course, the Star is also included in scenes of the Magi traveling from their homeland toward Judea by camel. Over the last couple of decades, a number of popular computer-generated imagery CGI ilms have portrayed the Star. Two of them present it as a conjunction, or alignment, of planets and stars. The multi-million-dollar-budget movie The Nativity Story suggests that the Star consisted of the planets Jupiter and Venus becoming perfectly aligned with the star Regulus in the constellation Leo. As the Magi leave Jerusalem for Bethlehem, the three bright spots suddenly merge at great speed, it must be said!, with the result that a long downward beam of light with an intensity approaching that of the Sun shines through a gap in the clouds into the cave where Mary is delivering Jesus. Similarly, according to the British four-part TV drama The Nativity, irst broadcast on BBC television in , the Star consisted of Jupiter, Saturn, and Regulus in perfect conjunction. Free Toronto subway map 2016.

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