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Free Subway map for Some websites that promote particular theories get hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits. Internet discussion groups are weighed down with countless armchair experts sharing their hunches with the world. The multiplicity of views and extravagant claims made by some, coupled with the lack of any real progress in the debate, has naturally engendered cynicism among many regarding the whole task. Indeed people would be forgiven for doubting that any deinitive explanation of the Star will ever be presented, and for approaching any new proposed solution to the ageold problem with a healthy degree of skepticism. The whole debate about the Star of Bethlehem, after all, has become disconcertingly speculative. All too often, scholars have put forward astronomical explanations of the Star that are only supericially rooted in Matthew’s account and, upon close inspection, fail to take seriously key aspects of the narrative. Moving beyond Futile Speculation Part of the problem is that academic interest in the Star of Bethlehem has been largely conined to the astronomical community, with relatively few contributions from the theological community. Free Subway map 2016.

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