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Free rintable calendar for One said the fl ag was moving, and the other said the wind was moving Th ey arged back and forth bt cold not reach a conclsion Th e sixth atriarch aroached and said, It is not the wind that moves, nor is it the fl ag that moves It is yor minds that are moving Th e two monks were awe- strck Wmen’s comment acknowledges that the monks, who attained a sense of awe akin to Ming’s dreadfl exerience based on the ower of the robe, greatly benefi ted from Hineng’s ingenios intrsion into their debate: If yo come to nderstand this matter deely, yo will see that the two monks aid for iron and got gold However, in tyical ironic fashion Wmen also lamoons this eff ort by charging that the sixth atriarch cold not hel himself in heling them ot, bt he almost went too far Free rintable calendar 2016

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