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Free Metro map for This has resulted in a scholarly debate that is heavy on astronomy but light on theology and history. Astronomer Mark Kidger has humbly admitted that An astronomer may not be the best qualiied person to take on such a task [the quest for the historical Star , particularly in areas where even the greatest experts have profound and fundamental differences, and where many of the agreed-upon facts are based on the penetrating and complicated interpretation of subtle clues. The history of literature on the Star bears out the truth of Kidger’s admission the contributions of astronomers untrained in Biblical studies are all too often lawed in their treatment of the source material. They do not take suficient account of critically important matters such as genre, subgenre, grammar, and historical background. Even the best astronomical essays on the topic have a tendency to discount cavalierly aspects of the Matthean account. It should surely go without saying that any quest for the historical Star must be built irmly on the foundation of a rigorous analysis of Matthew Only when this text has been mastered and the proile of the Star fully laid out can one realistically hope to deduce the precise astronomical phenomenon in view. What the whole debate concerning the Star calls for, then, is input from Biblical scholars. Free Metro map 2016.

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