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Free Metro map paris for As bright as the Star evidently was, for almost two millennia its identity has been enshrouded in a mysterious darkness. The phenomenon witnessed by the Magi was the subject of speculation in the irst millennium, and fascination regarding it endures to the present. The modern debate began with Johannes Kepler in the early seventeenth century. Even now, in the twenty-irst century, the number of theories offered to explain the Star seems to grow each year. Any interested party will have to sort through countless hypotheses was it a planet like Jupiter, a star, a conjunction of planets, a nova or supernova, a comet, a miraculous phenomenon, or something else? It has justiiably been described by one respected astronomer as the greatest of all detective stories and perhaps the greatest of all astronomical mysteries. Newspapers and magazines publicize any new hypothesis as though it might just be the critical breakthrough that enables us to identify the Star, no matter how profoundly and obviously lawed the theory may be. Whole books and DVDs are devoted to the task of identifying the Star. Free Metro map paris 2016.

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