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Free Map zurich for Colin Nicholl North Coast, Northern Ireland SDG Star of Wonder Introducing the Bethlehem Star The Bethlehem Star is, without doubt, the most famous and celebrated astronomical entity in history. No other celestial object captures the attention of the world like it, particularly at Christmastime. This enormous fascination is found among Christians and non- Christians, young and old, and most peoples of the world. The Star in the Modern World Every December, planetariums and television channels put on special shows to discuss the Star, keenly aware that few, if any, astronomical issues or Biblical mysteries hold the spell over the popular imagination that the Magi’s celestial phenomenon does. Astronomers, even some who scarcely believe in God, give public lectures on it. Each Christmas the Star features prominently in our celebrations it is often found as the crowning glory of Christmas trees, embossed on Christmas cards, or perched loftily over the sets of nativity plays. Many of our Christmas carols mention the Star, and a good number are focused on it. Free Map zurich 2016.

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