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Free Map of westeros for Bauckham draws on psychology of memory research to assess whether the Gospel traditions were the kind that would tend to be accurately preserved in the memories of the eyewitnesses. He points out that the stories were related to unusual, indeed often unique, events, and that they were vivid and extraordinarily consequential for the eyewitnesses, and that they would have been profoundly emotional for them and frequently rehearsed by them, beginning very shortly after the events. On this basis, he concludes that the memories of eyewitnesses of the history of Jesus score highly by the criteria for likely reliability that have been established by the psychological study of recollective memory. An Appropriate Approach to the Gospel of Matthew What, then, should be our attitude to the testimony of the Gospels? Bauckham points out that Trusting testimony is indispensable to historiography. This trust need not be blind faith. In the critical realist’ historian’s reception and use of testimony there is a dialectic of trust and critical assessment For most purposes, testimony is all we have. The reader is therefore put in the position of having to judge whether to trust or distrust the testimony offered by the eyewitnesses. Free Map of westeros 2016.

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