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Free Map of ukraine for It was as though they were leaving the heavens. Then the tremors stopped and there was a menacing stillness in the darkness. I noticed that I had a very faint light in my room. I looked out of the window and saw there were just a few houses in the whole town showing a weak light. Later, on August 4, 1990, these words were given to me: Justice is soon to descend ? Ecclesia shall revive; the earth shall be set aflame.’ And again, on December 13, 1992, the Lord is urging us: Generation, you have still not set your minds for Me ? when will you decide to return to Me? Do you want to pass this era’s threshold by blazing Fire, by brimstone and devouring flame?’ On June 3, 1993, I heard the Voice of God saying: Woe to the unrepentant ? their corpses will litter this desert, this desert they themselves laid out. My Angel then will fill the censer he has been holding in front of My Throne and the altar ? with Fire he will throw down on to the earth and while everybody will be watching, a violent earthquake will come, and the elements of the earth will catch fire and fall apart. Free Map of ukraine 2016.

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