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Free Map of uk counties for David is one of the top astronomers in his ield, respected the world over. How often I have coveted his brain! Mercifully, David graciously and sacriicially shared his with me, simply because he believes in the academic enterprise and was fascinated by my research. He made many complicated calculations for me, spent two whole days in conversation with me in Armagh, and wrote countless painstaking, long emails answering my questions. Mark E. Bailey, MBE, Director of the Armagh Observatory, played an important part in guiding me in astronomical matters. Mark is always brimming with creative, fresh, and penetrating ideas, questions, and insights. He read over an early draft of part of the book and offered valuable feedback, and he took the time to answer my questions and keep me informed of pertinent developments in astronomy. Free Map of uk counties 2016.

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