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Free Map of the world for That he did not write much before AD is suggested by Matthew’s heavy use of Mark’s Gospel, which is probably dated to the mid-s AD, during Nero’s persecution of Christians in Rome. Accordingly, it seems that Matthew penned his Gospel about three or four decades after Jesus’s ministry in Galilee and Judea and about seven or eight decades after Jesus’s birth. Sources The disciple made extensive use of sources, not just Mark’s Gospel which, according to the early church fathers, consists of traditions proclaimed by the apostle Peter, but other materials too, some of which were also used by Luke and others of which were not. With respect to chapters Matthew evidently was drawing largely upon stories preserved by the family of Jesus, most naturally Mary, and subsequently safeguarded by the apostles. Jewish Nature The Gospel is strongly Jewish in nature, emphasizing that Jesus was the son of David, the Messiah who fulilled the Hebrew Scriptures and was engaged in ministry to the lost sheep of Israel Matt. Matthew wrote as a Christian Jew strongly critical of his fellow Jews who had rejected Jesus as their Messiah. Key Emphases The Gentiles At the same time, Matthew’s Gospel emphasizes that the invitation to enjoy the salvation secured by the Messiah has been extended to the Gentiles. Free Map of the world 2016.

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