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Free Map of the usa for But often personal material comfort replaces the true interests of mankind’s moral and spiritual knowledge. All human beings want to live peacefully, feeling happy and loved, but some want to obtain their happiness by using unethical methods which can be cruel, and abominable in God’s Eyes. Some obtain their happiness at any cost; they would not hesitate to inflict suffering upon others in their quest to satisfy their selfish intentions. Sometimes it seems that the world has been turned upside down. People say, So much injustice and so much sorrow ?’ Yes, this is what I mean when I speak about the invisible, yet ever present spiritual battle that we are living in. Let me clarify the situation by quoting the Virgin Mary’s own words given on May 15, 1990: The world has grown cold, icy cold ? the world is dead to love. It lies in deep obscurity because hatred, greed and selfishness dominate the entire earth all the way to its core. Free Map of the usa 2016.

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