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Free Map of the uk for If people answered God’s request for prayer and prayed, this world would be a paradise’ and a hymn of thankfulness to God. If one accepted that there must be Unity between the Christian Churches, there would already be a hope of the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise: one fold and one Shepherd’.15 If people accepted God the way these Apostles of the End of Times recommend, God would already be everything in everyone.’16 If people took God’s warning about Satan seriously, the latter would already be banished from men’s hearts and from the world. If people would heed God’s calling to conversion, all men and women would already be Saints. If everyone shared in what God says today in His Messages, the personal history of each one of us, and consequently the history of all humankind would be a Song of Love. On July 21, 1990 the Lord gave me a very frightening vision. Free Map of the uk 2016.

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