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is such that he has, without any fear, appeared openly now to everyone, this is the one of which the prophet Ezekiel14 spoke, the one swollen with pride, the one who claims to be God, the one who apes the Truth, the one who considers himself as My equal and says that he sits on My Throne. The Rebel is indeed the Enemy of My Church, the Antichrist, and the man who denies the Holy Trinity. Have you not read: the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is a liar, he is the Antichrist and he is denying the Father as well as the Son because no one who has the Father can deny the Son, and to acknowledge the Son is to have the Father as well.’ With this I would like to explain that the Scriptures might be referring to an evil movement, whose adepts are influenced by Satan himself, disregarding every single one of God’s Commandments. Thus they would be waging war against God’s people and turning the world into chaos. We only have to listen to the news, to see this modern deterioration of human values, and how evil wants to prevail. Science and technology create for us immeasurable material comfort. Free Map of thailand 2016.

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