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Free Map of switzerland for I felt free from all people whether they were enemies or friends, free from polemics or threats, free from becoming exhilarated in joy or from becoming desolate in sadness, free from death; in short, nothing mattered to me anymore, nothing impressed me anymore for I was God’s and God was mine. While in this tranquil state, enwrapped in this spirit, I saw five Cardinals hurriedly approaching the Cathedral, one of whom I recognized as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Bendict XVI). They reached the gate of the Cathedral and intended to go in. I watched as Cardinal Ratzinger tried to open the Cathedral gate with a key. It did not fit, so he tried other keys, one key after the other, but none of them seemed to fit. All five Cardinals looked perplexed. Without a sound I stood up and walked slowly over to them without looking at them, while at the same time I could feel their eyes on me. Free Map of switzerland 2016.

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