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Free Map of sweden for I knew that they were wondering what I was doing there. I placed one of the keys I had in the keyhole without difficulty and clicked open the gate for them. From this vision I understood that the leaders of the Church are not listening to Christ’s Message that can lead them to Unity. The restoration of mutual love and humility are missing; that is the right key that will enable them to see the truth in a totally different light and achieve Unity. And ah! How much does the Lord Jesus know of the differences between the Churches! Yet He wants them to change their way of approaching one another. Christ showed them that all of them should bend and use the key of humility and love, none other. Jesus says: I have never ceased appointing prophets, setting them in the way of the Truth for My Salvific Plan; I bring them to fulfill their noble vows that had risen to their lips at our Divine enamored encounter ? Today you will recognize them by the zeal they have for My House. Free Map of sweden 2016.

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