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Free Map of south carolina for We are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and can be called a Sanctuary, Holy Abode, Tent, City of God, Jerusalem ? After this renewal, we can say that the old Jerusalem is no more; she was renewed into a new Jerusalem. In other words, her old self’ is no more, but the new self, transformed into the light of the Holy Spirit, is now the New Jerusalem, coming out of Heaven from God. This city became God’s and no longer needed the sun or the moon for light, since it was lit by the radiant Glory of God shining on her. In this transformation the soul is now like a beautiful bride dressed for her Bridegroom, because she is dressed with Christ. The Bridegroom, who is none other than our Creator,18 will then carry His bride into the nuptial chamber, that is to say, into His Heart. Jesus tells us: Therefore, say to your soul, My beloved ones: rest in God alone, for He is the only source of your hope. Let your heart exult and your soul be renewed for in these times I am pouring My graces on humanity like never before in history. Free Map of south carolina 2016.

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