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Free Map of south america for He stood up, and admiring an icon of the Resurrected Christ that I had brought him, smiled and said, But you have the wrong date!’ I stared at him, and on behalf of my Greek Orthodox Church I said, But so do you!’ He remained silent and I went on to say: Look, your Eminence, even so, the date does not matter as much as our celebrating this Feast together as we should. This is what Christ wants us to do, and if we do that, the Lord has promised that He will do the rest and unite us completely!’ He reflected a moment before saying, I will bring what you suggested to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.’ I got up, thanked him and left. The Lord was triumphant. He had opened the door to deliver the Messages to the right people, and, in 2005, just a short time after my meetings with Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Kasper, Pope John Paul II passed away, and Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope. It seemed as if everything was moving in the right direction, but more trials remained ahead. Once Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal William Levada became the Prefect for the Council for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Free Map of south america 2016.

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