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Free Map of roman empire for He asked that I write my answers to five questions in order to get clarification on the issues which had been raised in the Vatican’s original Notification, that had announced concerns about my work. My hope was that by providing these answers, the Vatican might modify their Notification or nullify it altogether. After answering the Cardinal’s five questions, I was told that he was pleased. When asked about the investigation, I was informed that his answer was, Tutto e positivo’ meaning all is positive. With this good news I asked for a private audience with Cardinal Ratzinger, who had once said that he would only meet me when the questions raised in the Notification were satisfactorily answered. As this had now been achieved, I was granted a meeting with him in the year 2004. When I arrived he led me to a very distinguished sitting room and said to me in French, Finalement!’, meaning, Finally!’ This meant a lot to me, and I praised the Lord, thinking, All that is happening shows the power and the authority of Jesus Christ. Free Map of roman empire 2016.

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