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Free Map of red sea for Despite the answers I had offered to the five questions, which were now printed in my book, Cardinal Levada decided to send out a letter to all the Catholic Bishops of the world in 2007, reiterating the Vatican’s Notification of 1995, which seemed to contradict the positive rapport I had built with the CDF. As of the writing of this book, the situation with the Catholic Church is still in flux, as it is with my own Greek Orthodox Church. In some areas, I am harshly rejected by the Church leaders, yet in many other areas I continue to be supported by Bishops, priests, theologians and nuns who read the Messages, write me letters, attend prayer meetings, and join our pilgrimages to build Unity between the Churches. As for those who opposed my mission, I try not to lose the peace that Christ has given me. I know God was asking me to have a spirit of forgiveness, love and compassion toward them. Not long ago, God gave me a dream. This was one of the most striking visions I have ever had. Free Map of red sea 2016.

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