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Free Map of poland for ‘ She also said that God’s wrath cannot be sustained any longer and that it will fall on us because man refuses to break with sin’ and that God’s Mercy all of these years was to draw as many as possible to Him, extending His Arm to save them, but only a few listened.’ His time of Mercy will not hold much longer and the time is coming when everybody will be tested and the earth will spew out from within rivers of fire and the people of the world will understand their worthlessness and their helplessness for having lived without God in their hearts. God is firm and true to His Word. The time has come where the household of God will be tested and those who refused His Mercy will taste God’s Fire.’ At this point I asked about the people of the Church who persecute us and are blind to His Works of Mercy. Our Lady answered that they too will undergo what they deserve’. Our Lady continued to speak about sacrifice. Free Map of poland 2016.

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