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Free Map of philippines for One day, I really felt tired and worn out from all the trials that seemed to accumulate on me, so knowing that Jesus holds infinite power in His Hands and that He is able to sort out things and smoothen up my way, and like so many people, I went and complained to Him. He replied:1 Grace does not go without suffering; oh, what will I not do to My closest ones, to My dearest friends!’ I then said: Then, allow me to take the words of Saint Teresa of Avila and tell You, No wonder You have so few friends!’ Jesus undisturbed replied: All men are weak ? Nevertheless, I will reply to your comment and tell you: if your soul only knew what I am offering and doing to you, you would have been the one to ask Me for more trials, sufferings, crosses, the lot! ? I discipline those I love so do not object to what seems good to Me.’ And another time He added: I, the Lord, am showing you the steps I have taken for My Passion. Since you are serving Me, you must follow Me. What do you want Me to say: follow Me but not in My Footprints? This cannot be ? whosoever serves Me, will follow My Bloodstained Footsteps.’2 Out of our sacrifices and trials, the Lord derives great achievements for ourselves, for the others, and the Church. The Messages have thus continued to spread throughout the world, obtaining their victory. Free Map of philippines 2016.

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