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Free Map of pennsylvania for I heard the Lord say: Grace is offered to everyone ?’ The Narrow Path When you work for peace, you will be persecuted. I am not a bigot, but I was accused of being one. I am not a liar, yet I was accused of pretending to hear God’s voice. I still have my wits about me ? if I may say so ? yet I was treated as a lunatic. I have no intention of undermining the Orthodox Church to which I belong, yet an Orthodox monk accused me of being a Trojan Horse paid by the Pope to lure the poor Orthodox into becoming Roman Catholics. People have written articles asking for my Church to excommunicate me ? some have even spread false rumors that I’ve already been excommunicated. I’ve even received death threats ? in three different countries! The Lord reminds us that the path that leads to Eternal Life is narrow, filled with trials. Free Map of pennsylvania 2016.

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