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Free Map of middle east for Thereafter we shall consider the main hypotheses that have been put forward to explain the Star chapter and make our own case that one particular astronomical phenomenon lies behind the story of the Magi’s Star chapters Following that, we shall attempt to extrapolate a more precise picture of the celestial phenomenon witnessed by the Magi in their homeland chapter and on what basis they came to the conclusion that it signiied the birth of the King of the Jews chapter Next, our focus shall turn to the task of building a proile of the particular celestial entity known to us as the Bethlehem Star, based on the Biblical text, and, in light of this, draw on modern astronomical knowledge to discover as much as possible about it chapters Finally, after considering the entity in relation to its astronomical counterparts chapter , we shall conclude our study by telling the story of the main participants in the story of the Magi and the Star from the point at which the Massacre of the Innocents occurred chapter We Beheld It Is No Fable The Testimony of Matthew’s Gospel Before we examine closely the well-known account of the Star of Bethlehem in the following chapter, it is important to introduce the source in which the story is found, the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s Gospel is a beautifully written and structured theological narrative about Jesus’s life and ministry particularly his words and deeds and his death and resurrection. It is this Gospel that has given us the most familiar versions of the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes Blessed are , for they shall be Authorship Although the author of Matthew’s Gospel is technically anonymous, early church tradition most notably the early second-century AD church father Papias unanimously attributed it to Jesus’s disciple, the former tax collector, Matthew. The attribution seems reasonably secure if Matthew did not pen the Gospel, it is dificult to imagine how it came to be associated with him. He was, after all, it would seem, a relatively obscure member of the early Christian movement. Date Matthew wrote his Gospel around the year AD , most likely shortly before or after that year. Certainly Matthew was noticeably interested in including sayings of Jesus that foretold the destruction of Jerusalem which occurred at the hands of the Romans in AD Matt. Free Map of middle east 2016.

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