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Free Map of mahale mointains for This unique privilege God granted to the prophet can be interpreted as a symbol that the prophetic ministry of Elijah will never die. There is a sense among some religious people that all prophecy ended with the Bible, which was completed almost 2,000 years ago. But nowhere in the Bible does it say that God cannot give prophetic ministries when He chooses, and to whom He chooses ? and He has done so through the ages. The important thing is that new prophecies cannot contradict anything in the Bible, as that would be a sign that such messages are not of God’. The Israelite prophets of the Old Testament frequently used the phrase, Thus says the Lord ?’ In the Messages I’ve received, one will similarly see the phrase Hear Me ?’ Just as in the style of the old prophets, God expresses Himself in the first person in a poetic way, with authority and majesty, but also with tenderness. The prophetic gift played a major role in the history of the Church, and in the lives of those to whom the prophecies are targeted. This gift, which is listed in the Bible as one of major gifts of the Holy Spirit, has also had a tendency to provoke negative reactions on the part of the Church hierarchy, since God many times sends Messages reprimanding them for their negligence in carrying out their God-given duties. Free Map of mahale mointains 2016.

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