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Free Map of london for In other words, were the writers of the Gospels correct in their claim that what they wrote was historically accurate? Historical Reliability Contrary to what many have claimed, we have every reason to believe that the stories about and sayings of Jesus that we ind in the Gospels were stably transmitted and not embellished or corrupted over the decades. The key factor is that, up until the time when the Gospels were written, the traditions were preserved and guarded by a circle of eyewitnesses, chief among whom were the apostles. That the traditions were passed on faithfully, without contamination or innovation, is strongly suggested by the fact that the Jesus tradition preserved in the Gospels is not what we would have expected had it been shaped in the early decades of the Christian movement. For example, it is remarkable that in the Gospels there is no saying attributed to Jesus regarding circumcision, and that the main title employed by Jesus for himself is Son of Man, which was not popular among the irst Christians. Writing in AD Paul cites from the Jesus tradition in letters to his churches Thess. a; Corinthians , , revealing that by that time he had in his possession a written collection of Jesus material that he wholeheartedly trusted. That the stories about and teachings of Jesus were quickly committed to writing is hardly surprising in view of the fact that Jesus’s followers esteemed him as Messiah and Lord and would obviously therefore have been eager to conserve and safeguard what they knew and remembered about him. Free Map of london 2016.

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