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Free Map of darusselam for During all these years of my mission, the solutions God has offered through the Messages have always been the same: to each of us individually: change your hearts and repent'; to the Church: reconcile and overcome your divisions, as these divisions have weakened you and are a scandal; and stop aiming venomous arrows at one another, heaping divine justice upon you.’ When the Messages contain warnings ? that is, when they announce something that is yet to come ? it is because the warning is conditional and the future events can be modified based on our response. The book of Jonah in the Bible is a great example of this. God warned the people of Nineveh, through the prophet Jonah, that calamity would soon come upon them if they did not change their ways. The people heeded the warning, repenting and fasting, and the calamity was averted. Throughout these recent years, God has shown me future disasters that our sins will bring upon us, if we don’t change our ways. Among other things, I was warned symbolically about the attack on New York’s World Trade Center (the Twin Towers) on 9/11, as well as the first Asian tsunami. Free Map of darusselam 2016.

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