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Free Map of crete for One should also observe that ordinary, nightly risings of stars, signs, and constellations over the horizon had no astrological importance, whereas heliacal risings could be perceived to have great astrological signiicance. Ancient astrologers developed horoscopes based on the zodiacal sign that had been heliacally rising at the point when a client was born. Of course, low over the eastern horizon shortly before dawn, a celestial body is seen in the context of a heliacally rising sign and constellation. Particularly if the Star was within the zodiac, it was natural for the Magi to consider the possibility that it might be communicating something of natal signiicance against the backdrop of the heliacally rising constellation. In addition, when the Magi mention the Star’s rising, they may well be alluding to Balaam’s oracle about a star-scepter. Prophesying about the coming of the Messiah, the Mesopotamian seer declared that the messianic star-scepter would rise. By this he seems to have been referring to a heliacal rising in the eastern sky cf. Free Map of crete 2016.

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