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Free Map of china for Luke clearly claims to be writing history conforming to the highest standards of Greco-Roman historiography he depended on eyewitnesses, personally investigated everything from the beginning, and strove for historical accuracy. The very nature of early Christianity, founded on the historical claim that Jesus rose from the dead, explains why the Gospel writers were so committed to restricting themselves to traditions that they were convinced were historically accurate. Most Biblical scholars today would agree that the Gospel writers believed that what they were writing was historically accurate and worthy of acceptance, and that the irst readers of these literary works would have approached them with the expectation that they were describing what had actually taken place in history. The production of literary Gospels was obviously intended to ensure that the testimony of the eyewitnesses was not lost to the Christian movement or susceptible to contamination in the aftermath of the disciples’ deaths. That the Gospels are Greco-Roman biographies that present the testimony of the authorized eyewitnesses who preserved the Jesus tradition has recently been powerfully argued by Richard Bauckham in Jesus and the Eyewitnesses The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony. He writes, The kind of historiography they are is testimony, which, he goes on to say, is a form of human utterance that asks to be trusted. The natural question to ask is whether the traditions recorded by the Gospel writers merit this trust. Free Map of china 2016.

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