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Free Map of chaos for Accordingly, they created horoscopes for the date occasionally even the part of the day or night or the hour of the subject’s birth, based on their astronomical almanacs, diaries, and other collections of data. Twenty-eight Babylonian tablets containing horoscopes have survived, covering to BC. Typically, they specify the positions of the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Mars within the zodiacal signs, in that order, noting where a planet was not visible due to conjunction with the Sun. They also detail other astronomical data relevant to the month or year of the birth, particularly lunar phenomena and eclipses. In essence, Babylonian astrologers could detail two kinds of omens to mark a nativity one horoscopic type related to the zodiacal sign in which the subject was born; the other non-horoscopic type related to some astronomical phenomenon that occurred on the birthdate e.g., Jupiter’s heliacal rising or a solar eclipse which was perceived to disclose the subject’s destiny. Free Map of chaos 2016.

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