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Free Map of caucasus for If the phrase is being used generally, the Magi would presumably be referring to the period when the Star was in the eastern sky, beginning with its heliacal rising. By and large, after a celestial body has heliacally risen over the eastern horizon, it continues to separate itself from the Sun and so appears earlier and in a darker sky, becoming easier to see. The remarkable conclusion reached by the Magi that the celestial wonder was announcing the birth of the divine Messiah may favor the view that the Magi were speaking generally of the Star’s whole time in the eastern sky. We suggest therefore that the Magi were convinced that the Messiah’s birth was taking place when they saw the Star at or around the time of its heliacal rising. Evidently, the Magi perceived signiicance in the Star’s location within the constellations, its form, and/or its behavior, and/or in the timing of the heavenly wonder. Babylonian astrology and births. Babylonian astrologers in the last centuries of the irst millennium BC were convinced that a person’s fate was encoded in the heavens at the point of birth. Free Map of caucasus 2016.

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