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Free Map of canada for One should ask, Why has God given us this prayer to pray four months before, was it not so as to spare us from a huge disaster?’ Many people in this world are living in apathy and in a spirit of lethargy. Many of the ecclesiastics are prohibiting God from speaking to His people and wrongly advise their people not to listen, preventing them in this way to know the Will of God. However, worse will befall on this earth if we, like Pharaoh who in his stubbornness refused to listen to Moses, ignore the Signs of the Times; and it will be too late. Despite the severity of these Messages, they are not meant to be prophecies of doom and gloom. God’s sweetness and tenderness is manifest. These Messages and prophecies for our times are a gift from God who gives them to us in these difficult times. They all come out of His boundless Mercy to wake us up; they are a call that comes from His sublime Love. Free Map of canada 2016.

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