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Free Map of britain for Time. The long distance raises the question of how long it took the Magi to get to Jerusalem. Kidger proposes that the Magi would have taken weeks to prepare for their journey from Babylon to Jerusalem and that their camel caravan then traveled at approximately miles per hour, or miles per day, with the result that they arrived in Bethlehem about months after they had seen the star in the east. Colin Humphreys proposed that the journey lasted ? months. There is no reason to believe that it took the Magi long to depart, and every reason to think that they would have left quickly after all, they interpreted the celestial sign to mean that the King of the Jews had just been born in Judea, and they were eager to worship him. We can probably safely presume that they left in the immediate aftermath of the completion of the sign in the east. Assuming they traveled by camel caravan, an arrival time in Bethlehem approximately ? days after they had set out would have been normal by ancient standards an average speed of ? miles per day. Free Map of britain 2016.

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