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Free Map of boston for Was the Star present during their journey from Babylon to Jerusalem? The text is not explicit regarding what the Star did after its time in the eastern sky v. but before its appearance during the inal, Jerusalem-to-Bethlehem stage of the Magi’s journey v Did the Star disappear during that period or did it remain visible? Some scholars argue that the Star was unobservable for the duration of the Magi’s westward journey. This interpretation could be regarded as favored by a the fact that the Magi, rather than going straight to Bethlehem, went to Jerusalem and there enquired as to where the newborn messianic King was vv. ?a; b verse ‘s reference to the Star of Bethlehem as the star that they had seen at its rising; and c the Magi’s ecstatic joy upon seeing the Star at the climax of their journey v However, in response to a, the Magi may have visited Judea’s capital city because the Star’s guidance was general rather than specific, because they wrongly concluded that the Star had pinpointed Jerusalem or completed its mission, or because clouds prevented them from seeing it in the period immediately prior to their arrival in Jerusalem. In response to b, the reference to the Star during the inal stage of the Magi’s journey as the one that they had seen earlier, at its rising, need not imply its absence in the intervening period, but may merely underscore the natal signiicance of the Star. It was, after all as we shall highlight below what the Star did in connection with its rising that disclosed to the Magi that the King of the Jews had been born. When the Star appears in order to usher the Magi to Bethlehem and ultimately to the Messiah himself, it is very natural to recall that this same Star had by its behavior in the eastern sky prompted the Magi to make their remarkable pilgrimage to Judea in search of the newborn Messiah. Free Map of boston 2016.

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