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Free Map of bihar for Any star that appears at a reasonable altitude in the southern sky in the irst half of the night, as evidently did the Star of Bethlehem at the climax of its appearance, will naturally proceed over the course of the following hours to set in the western sky. Accordingly, as the Star advanced toward and then over the horizon each night, it may well have seemed to the Magi to be going on ahead of them to Jerusalem. Indeed it is very possible that, the night before the Magi arrived in Jerusalem, the Star set in the direction of Judea’s capital city, prompting them to conclude that it was their destination. If the Magi had come to regard the Star as their very own celestial guide over the preceding weeks, their perception that it was, on the inal stage of their journey, ushering them to Bethlehem and then pinpointing the Messiah’s location within Bethlehem would make especial sense. While therefore the text does not make explicit what the Star did between its appearance in the eastern sky and its appearance when the Magi departed from Jerusalem toward Bethlehem, it is probable that the Star was present throughout this time and that it was perceived by them to be a westward guide. The Wonder in the Eastern Sky. Matthew records that when the Magi arrived in Jerusalem, they asked, Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star at its rising and have come to worship him. Free Map of bihar 2016.

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