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Free Map of barbados for Somehow the Magi had deduced that the one whose birth had been announced in the heavens was in particular the King of the Jews. The Messiah’s Star. The Eastern Magi justiied their question regarding the location of the recently born messianic baby by explaining that they had seen his star Matt. The Magi clearly regarded one particular celestial body as closely identiied with the Messiah; it was his star. How they made this determination is not stated. Perhaps there was something about the celestial phenomenon itself that was suggestive of a Jewish personage, but the key was probably Jewish tradition, more speciically the Hebrew Scriptures. In particular, most scholars have correctly detected here an allusion to a messianic oracle of the prophet Balaam, recorded in Numbers In this prophetic word the seer from Mesopotamia Deut. Free Map of barbados 2016.

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