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Free Map of bangladesh for In response to c, as we shall see, the Magi’s joy upon seeing the Star in verse probably does not relate to the appearance of the Star in the sky as they left Jerusalem, but rather to the standing up of the Star over the house in Bethlehem where Jesus was, which was the focus of verse b. In favor of the view that the Star did not disappear from sight for the duration of the Magi’s journey to Judea is that the Star that they saw on the last phase of their trip, from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, is explicitly identiied as the very same one they had previously observed, back in their eastern homeland v Had there been any notable period of absence between the two stages of the Star’s appearance, there could have been no certainty that the same identical Star was in view. This is particularly the case because the Star at the climax of the Magi’s journey is in a completely different part of the sky the south whereas at the time of its rising it was in the east. The only logical conclusion to draw is that the Magi had been tracking the Star’s movements in the intervening period. That raises the question of where the Star was while the Magi were traveling from their homeland to Jerusalem. Did it quickly move to the west to guide them toward Judea? A westward-leading Star might have played some part in the Magi’s decision to travel miles to worship the Messiah, and the western route that they seem to have taken. Certainly by the end of their journey it had migrated to the southern sky, but that does not mean that it was not, in the days leading up to their arrival in Jerusalem, being perceived to be guiding them westward. Free Map of bangladesh 2016.

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