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Free Map of balkans for If we assume, as would seem wise, that Matthew adhered to the established Scriptural and oficial Jewish stance toward astrology, then he could hardly have believed that the sign witnessed by the Magi was fundamentally astrological in nature. It may have had meaning to astrologers, but its correct interpretation probably did not require astrological knowledge. This, of course, begs the question, What could they have seen that so impacted them but did not require astrological training to understand? The East. The Magi hailed from the east Matt. The country from which the Magi came is much debated, with scholars suggesting Arabia, Persia/Parthia, and Bab ylon. Arabia? Arabia has often been proposed, largely due to the fact that it was sometimes said to be in the east Gen. Judg. Free Map of balkans 2016.

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