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Free Map of bali for Destination Jerusalem. The Magi made their way from their eastern homeland to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the capital city of Judea, and it had been the royal city of the Davidic dynasty from the turn of the irst millennium BC until the dynasty’s eventual demise early in the sixth century BC. It seems that the Magi had discerned from the celestial phenomenon they had witnessed in their homeland that the long-awaited Messiah had just been born. It was, of course, most natural for them to presuppose that this nativity of the King of the Jews had transpired in Judea and, in particular, in its capital, Jerusalem. The Magi might theoretically have assumed that the new king would be a member of Herod’s own household. However, the fact that Herod’s irst and only encounter with the Magi occurs in Matthew a, after he had summoned them into his presence, suggests that they did not immediately make their way to the palace but simply made enquiries around Jerusalem. Free Map of bali 2016.

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