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Free Map of azerbaijan for All in all, we should therefore approach the Gospel narratives, including Matthew, with due sympathy and respect, aware of their theological agenda but not disregarding their implicit claim to be historically trustworthy. The testimony presented is simultaneously both theological and historical. This indeed is one major aspect of their magniicence theology and history do not vie against but rather complement each other. For example, Matthew wrote to demonstrate that Jesus was the messianic King promised by the Prophets, and to unveil the nature of the kingdom that he inaugurated during his ministry. Matthew accomplished this not by freely mixing the unhistorical with the historical, but by basing his narrative on historically reliable records and reports. They Looked Up and Saw a Star The Story of the Star We turn now to devote our attention to Matthew’s account of the Magi and the Star, which is found in Matthew The Historical Reliability of Matthew’s Account of the Star Matthew’s Belief Can we trust Matthew’s narrative concerning the Star, which purports to document an event that occurred some three decades before Jesus began his ministry? Clearly, Matthew believed that his source for this episode was reliable, and he was convinced that the account was historically accurate. The very fact that he includes the episode and suggests that what happened fulfilled the Scriptures demonstrates this. Free Map of azerbaijan 2016.

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