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Free Map of asian countries for In the words of Hare, Joseph’s naming of Mary’s baby constituted in this instance an acknowledgment that, by God’s will and act, the boy is authentically his son. Because of this, it is Jesus’s family tree through Joseph that is set out in verses This is important because Joseph is in the line of David. Joseph the Legal Father of Jesus According to Matthew, Mary was already betrothed to Joseph when she conceived by the Holy Spirit. Naturally, when Joseph learned of Mary’s conception, he, knowing for certain that he was not the father of the child in Mary’s womb, assumed that Mary had been sexually promiscuous. However, Matthew informs us that, although some men might in these circumstances have acted ruthlessly and rashly, publicly shaming their betrothed, Joseph was a just man and [was unwilling to put her to shame and therefore resolved to divorce her quietly Of course, such an action, even though well-intentioned, would have derailed the work of God, for Joseph was the Messiah’s God-ordained legal father from the line of David. For this reason, according to Matthew’s account, God intervened to ensure that his plan remained on track an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, assuring him that the child in Mary’s womb was not the product of immorality, but of a miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit, and calling on him not to be afraid to carry on with his original plan to marry her. The angel explained that Mary would bear a son and that he, Joseph, would call his name Jesus v Joseph responded to the divine instruction with obedience, taking Mary as his wife, avoiding sexual relations with her until after she had given birth, and naming the child Jesus. Free Map of asian countries 2016.

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