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Free Map of asia for But the Gospel also introduces Old Testament quotations in other ways. For example, when the Magi visit Jerusalem, seeking the King of the Jews, Herod the Great inquires of the chief priests and scribes concerning the location of the Messiah’s birth. Their answer becomes the means by which Matthew makes the point that Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem was a direct fulfillment of an oracle by the prophet Micah, in Micah Genre One key concern for those engaged in the quest for the historical Star is the genre of Matthew and the attendant matter of the Gospel’s historical reliability. The Gospels are biographies of Jesus. In that the Gospels are written about a single individual, this may seem to be stating the obvious. And so it was, until the early twentieth century. At that time many Bible scholars abandoned this approach in favor of the view that the Gospels were more like popular folk literature based on oral traditions, and so had little historical value as regards the life of the historical Jesus. Free Map of asia 2016.

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