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Free Map of arkansas for highlights that it was a memorable marvel. The Procession of Magi in AD As noted at the beginning of this chapter, the journey of the Magi in Matthew’s account was similar to a journey by another group of magi some seven decades later the procession of Tiridates and the magi to Nero in Italy in AD Tiridates, the king of Armenia, his royal court, a train of servants, three Parthian royal sons, and , Parthian horsemen made a quasi-triumphal procession through the whole country west from the Euphrates to Italy Cassius Dio The presence of magi is mentioned by Pliny the Elder, Natural History The procession lasted nine months in total, and the traveling party was greeted with fanfare and acclamations as it passed through various towns and cities Cassius Dio Upon meeting Nero, Tiridates knelt down upon the ground, and with arms crossed called him master and did obeisance Later on, at a public celebration at the Forum, Tiridates repeated his gesture of obeisance to Nero, as the emperor was seated on his curule chair on the Rostra, wearing triumphal dress Suetonius, Nero Cassius Dio Then Tiridates formally addressed Nero Master, I am the descendant of Arsaces, brother of the princes Vologaesus and Pacorus, and your slave. And I have come to you, my deity, to worship you as I do Mithra. The destiny you spin for me shall be mine; for you are my Fortune and my Fate We would not expect the procession of the Magi at the time of Jesus’s birth to be anywhere near as large or dramatic as that of Tiridates in AD At the same time, there may well have been more than three Magi in the visiting party. Regardless of how many Magi there were, the extraordinary sight of them entering Jerusalem must have lived long in the memories of all who witnessed it. What Were Magi? Matthew refers to the visitors as magi. As Brown puts it, the term magi’ refers to those engaged in occult arts and covers a wide range of astronomers, fortune tellers, priestly augurers, and magicians of varying plausibility. Free Map of arkansas 2016.

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