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Free Map of argentina for In addition, written astronomical records would have reinforced the memories of the Magi. There is every reason to believe that, four or ive decades later, any of the Magi or their fellow travelers who remained alive would have accurately remembered what had happened. Finally, if what Matthew records concerning the Star is found to be in accord with astronomical knowledge, that would constitute further powerful evidence in favor of the account’s historical credentials. Indeed, since scarcely any episode in the Gospel of Matthew is more commonly rejected as unhistorical than the story of the Magi’s visit to baby Jesus, authenticating the historicity of the Star would be an important validation of the historical reliability of the Gospel as a whole. Countering Objections to Historicity Those who have been unwilling to accept the historical basis of the Star narrative have resorted to rather feeble arguments to justify their cynicism. For example, J. N. Free Map of argentina 2016.

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