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Free Map of arda for To the extent that the Star’s role in guiding the Magi from Jerusalem to Bethlehem was redundant, since the Magi presumably had been informed as to where Bethlehem was, this actually speaks for the authenticity of the story rather than against it. Historically accurate narrative is full of redundancies, whereas iction prefers to avoid them. At the same time, historically, the Star’s presence when the Magi were traveling from Jerusalem to Bethlehem may have had various functions to conirm the Magi in their mission, to heighten their sense of anticipation, and to engender in them the feeling that they were being ushered into the presence of the Messiah. The claim that Herod would have sent a spy along with the Magi fails to take due account of the dynamics of the story as told by Matthew The Magi were obviously extremely naive, gullibly believing that Herod really did want to make a personal journey to worship the Messiah. They had willingly become his agents and promised to report back to him. There was, quite simply, no reason for Herod to doubt that they would return to the palace in due course, and hence there was no need to send a spy along. As regards the lack of explicit references to the massacre elsewhere, this is hardly surprising the incident, while horriic, was conined to a small area around Bethlehem and may have involved the deaths of no more than ? infants. Free Map of arda 2016.

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